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GKD Gleen Dishwash Liquid

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GKD Gleen Dishwash Liquid

GKD Gleen Dishwash Liquid

Its double action liquid formula with powerful cleaning agents removes tough stains, grease and gives total protection from germs. It also leaves your crockery and utensils with a fresh fragrance.

Available Sizes

500 ml

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Product Details
GKD Gleen Dishwash Liquid
  • Why Choose Gleen Dishwash Liquid
    • Leaves no residues
    • Quick and strong action
    • Double action formula
    • Gentle on hands
  • Directions of use
    • Add 2 Capfuls of GKD Gleen Dishwash Liquid in half liter of water.
    • Pour an ample amount of the solution in a sponge, and work to a lather.
    • Use it to clean dishes, pots, glasses, and China wares.
    • Rinse thoroughly and let it dry.
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