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GKD Rel-O Pain Balm

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GKD Rel-O Pain Balm

GKD Rel-O Pain Balm

Rel-O is a fast-absorbing cooling balm formulated with traditional Ayurvedic herbs for quick and long-lasting pain relief. Rel-O brings the ancient secrets of Ayurveda to modern society. Its time-tested, proprietary Ayurvedic formula is very effective for common conditions such as headaches, muscle sprains, stress-related pain, colds, and sinus pain.

Available Sizes

8 g

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Product Details
GKD Rel-O Pain Balm
  • Ingredients
    • Camellia Sinensis (Chaha): Helps to relieve joint and body pain.
    • Zingiber Officinalis (Sunthi): Soothes sore muscles and relieves muscle pain.
    • Gaultheria Fragrantissima (Gandhapura/Wintergreen): Anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.
    • Mentha Piperata (Pudina Satva): Provides a calming, soothing, and cooling effect.
    • Nigella Sativa (Upakunchika/Blackseed): Aids in the relief of back pain, joint pain, and musculoskeletal pain.
    • Trachispermum Ammi (Yawani): Treats muscle cramps and pain.
  • Why Choose Rel-O Pain Balm
    • Relief from Headache
    • Relief from Cold/Sinus
    • Relief from Body Pain
    • Relief from Stress
  • Direction of Use

      Apply adequate quantity on the affected area and gently rub till it is absorbed.

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