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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process


Sourcing Phase

We source milling grade copra directly from farmers and agricultural societies. Once it reaches our facility, the first level of screening takes place, where impurities and low-quality copra are removed.

Copra Drying

Screened copra is dried with hot air in a hopper to reduce the moisture content. After drying, copra becomes brittle and is easy to cut and extract oil from. Drying helps in finely filtering the extracted oil and improves the shelf-life.


Copra Cutting

Copra is cut into uniform sizes for better handling and processing using a copra cutter. Fine pieces are then moved through a conveyor to the roasting section.

Copra Roasting / Cooking

Copra pieces are then roasted along with some steam in a vessel with continuous agitation. The roasting process serves many purposes, like sterilization, enhancing oil recovery, natural aroma, and shelf-life.


Oil Extraction

Mechanical crushing of the roasted copra under high pressure squeezes out the oil present in the copra. Crushing is done twice to extract maximum oil. The left-over cake is supplied to the cattle feed industry and solvent plants as raw material.

Oil Filtering

GKD has a 3-stage filtering process to remove any sediments. These include coarse/heavy segment filtering using vibrating screens, main filtering, and fine filtering with the aid of filter presses.



The 100% natural and crystal-clear oil obtained after the extraction process is stored in SS containers. Later, the oil is packed in various quantities according to the requirements.